We are implementing a virtuous circle.

Hydrogen is known and demonstrated to be a zero emission transport fuel. Hydrogen is known and demonstrated to be easily generated by renewable energy generators such as wind farms, solar parks, wave or tidal generators. The technology exists to produce hydrogen fueled vehicles. The technology exists to generate hydrogen fuel sustainably. The technology exists to provide a hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

For decades this technology has been suppressed by a vicious circle whereby hydrogen vehicle manufacturers have not been able to bring hydrogen vehicles to market because there was no hydrogen fuel supply available to the consumer. And as long as consumers could not buy hydrogen vehicles there was no reason to install hydrogen refueling infrastructure.

But logic cannot be suppressed forever. There is a gathering world wide army of businesses who are now manufacturing the components required for a hydrogen economy. It is recognised that hydrogen is a form of energy storage which can eliminate the variability of renewable energy sources such as wind farms.

Green Hydrogen Consulting is bringing renewable energy generators together with sustainable transport fleets, employing green hydrogen technology in order to realise the virtuous circle of zero emission transportation from predictable and reliable renewable energy.

Hydrogen produced from renewable energy is green hydrogen, as opposed to hydrogen from non-renewable chemical processes such as existing fossil fuel supplies.