H2WindSim Modelling Tool

Green Hydrogen Consulting Ltd has developed the H2WindSim modelling tool in order to quickly calculate the outcome of many tens of thousands of possible investment scenarios. Find out how to obtain favourable return on green hydrogen investment!

The reason for this work is that the investment outcome is sensitive to many parameters. Wind farm owners interested in assessing the conditions under which they can earn more money from green hydrogen than simply exporting electricity should please contact us to arrange study focusing on parameter ranges relevant to their specific wind projects.

Policy makers may also commission the use of this model in order to understand the impact of different policy decisions and support mechanisms for green hydrogen. The model typically employs full years of 10-minute historic SCADA power and curtailment data from operational wind farms or synthetic data for planned projects. Green Hydrogen Consulting Ltd can tailor the model for your specific purposes. Please get in touch for further information. The H2WindSim model has been been introduced by way of a paper (“Modelling of Wind Farm Green Hydrogen Production for Future Cities and Zero Emission Transport Fleets”) and presentation slides at the Hypothesis X conference in Edinburgh.

The model inputs and outputs schematic, examples of time series simulation data, and some selected results plots are shown in the following figures – please click an image for a large version: