Are you a renewable energy generator, developer, project owner, land owner or financier wishing to add multiple revenue streams to existing or future projects? Are you a private, public or government transport operator wishing to green your fleet and protect against ever-increasing fuel costs? Are you a utility wishing to inject hydrogen generated from wind farms into the gas grid? Please read on to discover more about how to enhance your business…

The hydrogen economy is just around the corner. Hydrogen filling stations are now open to the public in towns such as Swindon in the UK and Hamburg in Germany. Hydrogen vehicles are proven and coming to market. Modern fleet operators are seeking methods by which to reduce emissions which are affecting the environment and public health. Hydrogen buses have been trialled extensively in cities around the world.

It is clear that the imminent hydrogen economy will require its hydrogen to be generated from renewable energy such as wind farms or solar parks in order to achieve sustainability credentials in terms of environmental emissions reduction and energy security. Green hydrogen is hydrogen generated from renewable energy sources as opposed to fossil fuel sources.

Green hydrogen is set to take over! Be a part of it!

Green Hydrogen Consulting Ltd offers:
- consultancy and research reports to renewable generators on how their specific business could benefit from multiple revenue streams of green hydrogen export, hydrogen energy storage trading arbitrage, the benefits of generating green hydrogen for their own operational vehicle fleets and capture and storage of curtailment energy which many windfarms would otherwise dump due to grid curtailment instructions
- consultancy and research reports for all types of vehicle fleets on how their specific fleet could employ hydrogen vehicles supplied with green hydrogen and calculations showing how just a small proportion of zero emission hydrogen vehicles can dilute the average emissions of a large efficient diesel fleet in order to meet ambitious environmental targets
- cost-benefit analysis for various present and future cost and capacity scenarios, including NPV and IRR calculations
- quantitative analysis to match the correct electrolyser capacity to a given renewable generator
- networking to bring together renewable energy generators, vehicle fleet operators, bus operators, electrolyser suppliers, hydrogen refuelling equipment suppliers, fuel suppliers, hydrogen vehicle suppliers, land owners and others wishing to participate in the virtuous circle of predictable renewable energy with energy storage and zero emission transportation
- project management consultancy in relation to green hydrogen

Humankind needs to get from A to B but there is no need to burn scarce fossil fuels and pollute the environment in order to do so. Bus fleets, taxi fleets, haulage companies and delivery fleets can all protect themselves from increasing fossil fuel costs and improve environmental performance by preparing and introducing a hydrogen fuelled component. Aviation and maritime transport can also employ green hydrogen and major utility companies are already working on injection of green hydrogen generated on wind farms into the gas grid for more sustainable heating and cooking. It won’t happen overnight but the ever-increasing squeeze on fossil fuels has already started. Obtain early mover advantage and start protecting your business today.

Renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar power are often criticised for their variability. However, hydrogen offers a means of energy storage by which to eliminate this weakness. Use of hydrogen fuel cell technology in conjunction with electrolysers can offer substantial energy trading benefits in addition to the possibilities offered by exporting green hydrogen.

Green Hydrogen Consulting Ltd wishes to highlight that wind farm operators, developers, owners and financiers may also benefit from analysis services offered by Wind Farm Analytics Ltd. Please note that Wind Farm Analytics Ltd is a separately registered company.

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