For Vehicle Fleets

Vehicle fleet owners – please note that green hydrogen can be cheaper per mile than diesel! Yes, one can be green and profitable at the same time. What are we waiting for?

Also, green hydrogen allows ambitious sustainability targets to be attained whilst replacing diesel or other fuel costs with cheap green hydrogen fuel from your local or national renewable energy partners.

Improve energy security, enable business continuity and guard against fossil fuel price shocks by introducing a green hydrogen fueled component of your fleet.

Prepare your business now by hiring Green Hydrogen Consulting to do the cost-benefit analysis ground work and have a plan in place to allow your business to implement hydrogen vehicles now or when you think the price is right.

We will analyse potential green hydrogen suppliers, hydrogen refueling locations and hydrogen vehicle options to suit your operational fleet. We will calculate how many hydrogen vehicles are required in order to meet specific emission targets within your overall fleet. We will explain how safe hydrogen fuel is, identifying the normal safety measures required, analogous to those employed when dealing with traditional combustion fuels.

Gain competitive advantage by preparing your plan now to be prepared for the imminent green hydrogen economy!