For Government

On behalf of your people you are making critical decisions regarding the future competitiveness and sustainability of society and the economy.

Progressive strategists recognise that innovation must be stimulated and encouraged and that all possibilities need to be explored, irrespective of the status quo and established existing methods.

National and local governments will do their people great service by studying deeply the possibilities offered by future green hydrogen economies. Establishing early hydrogen highways alongside countries like Germany and Denmark will encourage very many new business opportunities, ranging from hydrogen vehicle manufacturing to international hydrogen consultancy. In regions already investing in renewable energy, green hydrogen offers additional benefits as a form of energy storage, enabling predictable and controllable renewable energy base load generation.

Get in touch with Green Hydrogen Consulting and commission a report from us to research, study and highlight the economic, sustainability and energy security advantages offered by green hydrogen in your region.

Get in touch with Green Hydrogen Consulting to obtain cost-benefit and sustainability analysis on converting part or all of your local or national government fleet vehicles to run on green hydrogen generated from your local renewable energy producers, improving the energy security and health of your constituents.

If you have funding which could be deployed on a flagship hydrogen technology demonstrator project within your council or community, or if you would like some research identifying such possibilities then do not hesitate to get in touch. Green Hydrogen Consulting offers research capability, out-of-the-box thinking and project management skills.